This story points to the corrupting effect of compromise:

Yahoo! News – Libya Elected to Chair U.N. Human Rights Body

(Article no longer available at Yahoo)

Here is the first line:

“Libya, under fire for years from human rights activists, was overwhelmingly elected Monday to chair the top United Nations rights body after the United States broke with tradition and forced a vote.”

It is rather incredible that such an event would take place. However, it demonstrates the corrupting effect of compromise. If you assume that all parties have an equal seat at the table, you must eventually accept the unacceptable.

The same effects are seen in the recent history of the church. Many evangelicals in the 50s decided to ‘broaden the borders’ and ‘widen the tent’ within which cooperative efforts and ‘Christian’ dialogue could take place. The result is that men who deny Christ must be accepted as brothers lest one damage the ‘spirit of tolerance’ and ‘acceptance’ which is rule no. 1 in current thought.

The UN serves as a hindrance to security and safety of many right thinking nations and people. Evangelical compromise, the NEA, and the BGEA, et al, serve as a hindrance to the purity and integrity of the gospel of Jesus Christ.