What’s in a name?

You may be wondering about the name of this blog (or not!). Regardless, I will tell you. As a practice blog, the name is a practice name. If I move on to my third attempt at blogging as mentioned earlier, I have two names in mind for two new blogs. In the meantime I am using ebaptist.ca.

This name came to me a few years ago when I made my first attempt at blogging. I had grand visions then. For many years I have been moderator of a private e-mail group for Canadian pastors. We have about 50 pastors from across Canada and a few Canadian missionaries from around the world sharing prayer requests, news, and occasionally discussing things related to the ministry or theology. My vision at the time was to create a web home for this group and provide news and information oriented to the ministry in Canada on a more regular basis.

Our e-mail group is called ibcanada (Independent Baptists Canada), but when I checked the availability of the domain, it was taken by some international business group. After much internal wrestling, I realized I would have to come up with a new name. Change comes hard, eh?

After a time, I settled on ebaptist (for electronic Baptist) and a .ca domain for Canada. This still isn’t registered, so it is still available for ‘stealing’, as far as I know. As I said, it was a vision… Like many a good vision, it has shriveled into a dim memory, but it does have the potential of revival someday.

In the meantime, it is the practice name for my practice blog. The names for the third attempt remain locked in my fevered brain.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3