Show documents atheist’s month in Christian home |

Show documents atheist’s month in Christian home |

An article describing a ‘reality’ TV show I had heard about somewhere else. We don’t get this channel up here, so I doubt I will see it, at least initially. The premise is certainly interesting. But….

But the ‘atheist’ is a lapsed evangelical. A university educated (Ph D!!) clinical psychologist who gave up her career to be a stay at home mom. This isn’t usually the image I have of an atheist, although I suppose there are lots of people like this. (Well, perhaps not all Ph Ds!!)

I suspect that the so-called atheist had less of a shock than the ‘fundamentalists’ she lived with. She is a former evangelical, after all. She has walked away from it, so what she saw again would be no surprise to her.

It will be interesting to read reactions from peopel who have access to this programming, although I don’t know I would recommend watching it.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3