The salmon are safe…

We decided to be politically correct and save the salmon. I’ll pick some up at the grocery store later!

Actually, we had a great day on the water. The brother who took me is an older man who became a Christian later in life but is a sincere believer now. He and his wife are real encouragments to us. We spent the day mostly on the water, stopping for lunch at a remote, private little beach. He has a portable stove which we quickly set up to perk a pot of coffee [perked coffee in a camp pot is absolutely the best coffee in the world].

The fish are safe (from us), but the day was good. We saw all kinds of activity on the water, a cruise ship heading in (which we passed under the bow when we came in to dock), numerous whale watchers heading in and out, our navy doing exercises with a couple of boats and some helicopters, a crew of citizens heading out diving, seals sunning themselves on the rocks, and NO SALMON.

I did have a soft ice cream cone on the way home as a consolation prize. We have the best soft ice cream I have tasted anywhere in a special store right here in Victoria. If you come visit, I’ll treat you to some.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3


  1. Doug says:

    You didn’t bother asking if I could tag along?

    And, oh, btw…STARBUCKS!!!

  2. Don says:

    Hey Doug, glad to see you made it over here.

    I see you still don’t have your theology of coffee straight. You obviously haven’t prayed through yet.

    BTW, if you come up here, we can get you out on the Strait. We aren’t the best fishermen, but we do have interesting times.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

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