fundamentalist heartburn…

I wrote up my sermon summaries today, but left them at the office. I came home to check up on a few of the blogs I read and came across (yet again) the diatribes of the young against fundamentalism. One site is full of rhetoric like “hysteric fundamentalists”, claims like this:

Yet, we have failed to see the importance of making our hair an issue of going to the stake for.

This comes after a whole paragraph of making hair the issue as in, “we wear it differently from the hysterics” (my paraphrase).

The writer also claims:

I know that much of this had a sarcastic tone to it and I sincerely do not have as my motive to offend anyone.


I am not sure why I bother reading this stuff. So many of the whiners and complainers think they are being original and it is the same old story. Constant stereotyping and whining about how we are going to be different. OK, then, be different. Quit defining yourself in terms of what you are NOT. (You sound like a lot of Canadians I know.) Quit the complaining and get out and do something. If your idea of what the church ought to be really is so different and so much more biblical, then that will surely show itself in time. But if you think writing diatribes will achieve your ends, then you have only learned the WORST lessons from the fundamentalists who went before you.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3


  1. Kent Brandenburg says:

    I do have to laugh. I could feel warmth emanating.