reflection on a month of blogging

I began getting serious about blogging again a month ago. At the time, I had grown increasingly disgusted with the constant stream of negativity emanating from one particular site (mostly, admittedly, in the comments). I went on a holiday from that site, determining to stay away for a month (which meant a return on Sept 11, coincidentally enough). I actually stayed away an additional day and didn’t look at anything there until today. I checked the posts of the threads I had been active in. Some had gone on a good deal in my absence, filling up the bandwidth with many replies to the original posts. As I quickly perused the comment sections I came to the conclusion that I had not missed much.

One new development that pleased me was to see a very good friend from my grad school days posting book reviews there. What a blessing to see his name! We have had occasional contact through the years since graduating together in 1983. It is always a blessing to find friends still faithful in Christian service. Sometimes we find things otherwise and that isn’t quite so thrilling.

But all in all, I am mostly glad to be out of that whirl. The comments sections of blogs (and especially that blog) are mostly useless. (Some of the best blogs don’t entertain comments at all.) It is true that some good comments are made here and there, but the few voices of reason and biblical faithfulness are shouted down in the din of the banal, rebellious, and ungodly. I don’t think I shall rejoin that legion.

Chris Anderson wrote when I started this up again:

BTW, isn’t it nice to set the topic of conversation for a change?

I couldn’t agree more. I have a different design in what I am doing here from what I was doing there and elsewhere. I especially am writing this material for my boys. Since their school keeps blogger inaccessible, I e-mail them every post and the more pertinent comments. I am hoping that doing this will help them formulate a truly fundamentalist mindset. I am writing for them, more than anything else.

So I won’t be going back to the infamous site, other than as an observer. I feel no compelling need to comment there. In fact, I would prefer to comment here. Here I have control over what is said and I can say it to whom I want it said. Having done that, I think I will be satisfied with my blogging.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3


  1. Kent Brandenburg says:

    Before I has all posting privileges removed over there, I truly was heading the same direction. I thought for a little while I could present some positions men may not have been taught. That was it. I would think this will save time too…:)

  2. Bobby Mitchell says:

    Good article. My sentiments exactly.