blogger weirdness

I am not too happy with the blogger setup. Hopefully it will not be long now before I migrate to a more permanent site (and a new name).

Two comments were posted today that show up on the sidebar, but when I check the entry where they are supposed to be, they are nowhere to be seen. Strange.

So if you have commented and can’t see your comments, it is not entirely my fault. I have set comments to moderated in order to control what is said. I may or may not have comments at all in the future. Some of the best blogs don’t have comments and I don’t think they are absolutely necessary, although I do enjoy interacting with a few of my on-line friends via comments.

Anyway, just remember that I am only ‘practice blogging’ over here so if your comment doesn’t show up it isn’t because I am just ignoring you!


Don Johnson
Jer 33.3