does it depend on whose ox is being gored?

I have put myself into contention with another brother over his choice of language in a rant against fundamentalism. In this particular case, I am generally in agreement with the main points the brother made. I was all set to post agreement with his general thesis in the article, but he chose to frame some of his points in “almost-not-quite-nudge-nudge-wink-wink” profane terms. Such language cheapens the discourse, but not only that, in my opinion, it is completely unbecoming of a Christian testimony.

So I pointed my opinion out. I am sure that my willingness to do so bothers some, and it could be that I am merely a proud hypocrit who loves to pick at specks. That could be true.

The specific language the other brother used bothers me, but another thing that bothers me is that other vocal leaders of the so-called Young Fundamentalist (or New Fundamentalist) movement are silent about it. One of them specifically stated in a PS to other comments on the post that he “was not offended” by the language. Another stated “I don’t understand what your problem here is. Bob is using strong language – He did not cross the line. IMO – your reaction is over the top. These phrases might offend the ears of Type A’s, but not Type B’s.”

Everything is not a joke, Joel. We serve a holy God.

There is a rampant claim from the YF/NFs that Fundamentalism is rife with an ‘old boys network’ that won’t clean itself up, that winks at offenses, that isn’t accountable, etc, etc.

Yet when it is a vocal leader of the YF/NF crowd, nothing is said when an offense is given. The silence is deafening.

Does it depend on whose ox is being gored? Is the YF/NF crowd just building its own ‘old boys network’?

Perhaps I should say nothing. It is true that I, a sinner, have no standing to say anything. But if I don’t say something, who will?

I remain quite willing to delete my comments. Surely we can and should discuss the state of fundamentalism and try to correct problems that exist. But let us not wink at profanity because it is ‘our boy’ who said it.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3


  1. Kent Brandenburg says:

    Yes, they have they’re own network. The new network has more problems than the old network, especially on cultural issues, i.e. worldliness. All the standards are loosening up, and if you aren’t willing to see it their way on this, you are not in their network.

    I truly don’t care to be in any network, but it is an observation. Things haven’t changed in this way—you are correct.

  2. Keith says:

    There will always be networks. It is unavoidable. Even the “I’m not in a network” people are in the “we’re not in a network” network.

    The question is — which network is right?

  3. Don says:

    Keith, you are right about that. I am only commenting on the self-righteousness of the YFs who condemn the ‘old boys’ of Fundamentalism as if they are a hypocritical cabal. Mt 7 comes to mind.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3