a day of listening to preaching

Well… Today was a day of eight sermons…

I headed across the pond to a conference of Canadian pastors held over in Vancouver, hosted by my good friend pastor Gordon Conner. On the way I enjoyed a couple of messages by Minnick on my PDA. I managed to make it through Vancouver traffic to actually arrive in time for the first preacher of the day. The traffic wasn’t too bad, but I still think Vancouver has one of the most poorly engineered traffic systems of any city I have ever been in.

The morning included three sermons. The highlight had to be a message by Harry Strachan. I don’t know how old he is now, but he pastored in Simcoe,ON for many years and was bro. Conner’s mentor. This was my first opportunity to hear bro. Strachan preach. He started out by saying something like this, “the basic problem we have in the church today is that we don’t know God.” He proceeded to preach a tremendous message on knowing God. I only wish he could have gone on longer. I can see why bro. Conner holds him in such high regard.

The last message of the day came from bro. Conner. There were two more scheduled this evening, but I had to beat it back across the pond to avoid arriving home at 3 am – too much on the go for tomorrow. So I caught one more Minnick and a Peter Masters on my PDA on the way back. I actually had time for more, but ran out of messages!

All in all a great day. I find preaching very refreshing. It stirs me up. I was able to see a few friends who are separated from me by many miles and make a few new ones. What a blesing! And we were treated to a great salmon barbecue for lunch! (The WET coast isn’t all bad. We even had sun for the afternoon.)

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3


  1. Kent Brandenburg says:

    I’ve been all through Canada on summer tours, and I have met Harry Strachan. He got an honorary doctorate from Maranatha, I believe, and I went to high school with his son at Maranatha Baptist Academy during the Lincoln presidency. His son was two years older than I. I had a roommate for a few years from Edmonton. I’m highlighting the small world we live in. Glad you could enjoy the fellowship, Don.