on deleting posts

I deleted a post I sent out earlier today. On further reflection, I decided that it was ‘not ready for prime time’. My goal in posting anything is to post articles that reflect my point of view to the best of my abilities. This particular post has some things in it that I felt were vague and inconclusive (even though I thought it contained some good stuff as well). I gave a hand at clarifying my views in another post, but gave up. I think I need to think this one through more clearly, so out it goes.

Given that the readership of this blog is pretty limited, I suppose not much harm is done. But it serves to illustrate a cardinal rule of good writing: good writing comes from good rewriting. Better to wait, revise, and think through before publishing. The instantaneous publication of blogs presents a severe temptation to publish thoughts not fully formed, poorly articulated, or both.

So back to the salt mines to try again.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3