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on an unfortunate circumstance

In the Washington Post last week, there was a rather shocking article concerning children conceived by anonymous sperm donation. The writer was a young woman who is the now 18 year old product of such a transaction. This young lady set out to find out who her father was, finding success in her search in just one month.

As she describes her heartaches, I shake my head at the unthinking self-centredness that produces such pathos. Consider the closing sentence of the article:

Now that he knows I exist, I’m okay if he doesn’t care for me in the same way. But I hope he at least thinks of me sometimes.

Unintended consequences… men justify themselves, thinking in their sophistry that all is well, not thinking at all about the hurting, broken people who will be left in their wake.

Individually, we need to develop great spiritual discernment to avoid unintended consequences ourselves [though one would hope that Christians wouldn’t be trapped in this specific circumstance]. We also need to develop great spiritual discerment to be a help to others who so thoughtlessly plunge themselves and their families into disastrous circumstances. We need to become adept at spiritual influence.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3