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on the state of religion in Canada

One of our national newspapers in Canada did an interesting series of articles about religion in the True North over the Christmas week. Our American friends might find them interesting to get a sense of what religion is all about here. Contrary to some expectations, there really is a vaste difference between the mostly secular attitudes we have in Canada and the general condition in the USA, although I recognize that the Church in the US is under pressure from secularism and other forces as well.

Anyway, here are the articles:

Empowered by prayer

With interest in spirituality on the rise and church attendance in a freefall, the National Post concludes…

Savvy marketers target ‘Faith and Family’
Way of the Cross video
Zealotry of South shaping the world
‘Renovated’ Catholicism attracts few tenants
Saving souls in Quebec
Canada’s devotion gap
Fulford: Atheism’s army of the smug
Forum: Future of Christianity in Canada
Channel’s growth verges on biblical
Church of tough love

A couple of comments… If you scan through these articles, you will find virtually no mention of Fundamentalist influence. That would be because our efforts are so small. I suppose we need to think about how we are trying to get our message out and make some changes.

In the articles you will find a column by Robert Fulford, a very interesting columnist in the National Post. I think he teaches at the University of Toronto or some such post. He is fairly open about his agnostic views, but is a fair and balanced observer of religion and culture (at least as far as I can see). He has written some articles that make me think of ‘Almost Persuaded’.

In the “Forum” comments article you will find the typical bluster of unbelievers who really don’t have much of a clue regarding what Christianity is all about as well as a few believers who don’t know a lot but are trying to articulate their faith. Take it for what it’s worth.

As 2007 approaches, I think we who are in the ministry in Canada ought to look at this series of articles and find in them reason to renew our resolve and increase our dependence on the Holy Spirit for success. The task before us is daunting, but the Lord is still the Lord of All. May God prosper our efforts and bring new souls into his kingdom this year in Canada.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3