on the northwest regional fbf fellowship

Our regional fellowship commenced last night with a message by evangelist Dave Barba on Heb 13.5, warning us against covetousness and reminding us of the all-sufficient presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. The service was a good beginning.

The host church for the fellowship meeting is Galilee Baptist Church, Kent, WA, pastored by Tom Nieman. Pastor Nieman energetically provides the leadership for the fellowship in this region of the world. His church, and many others in the area are interested in church planting. In recent years, several churches have been started through the influence of the local FBF pastors. The theme of our conference this year is church planting. We will be hearing from a number of the church planters in the sessions today and tomorrow.

I’ll post some highlights as we go through the conference. It is always a blessing to meet with the good men out here, and I hope that some of what is said might be a blessing to you as I post it here.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3