on the Quebec Mennonite oppression case

From Today’s Family News:

“We hoped to grow old here,” Mennonite resident Ron Goosen told CBC News. “We have our burial plots and we hoped to be buried here, but it doesn’t look that way.”

As a follow-up to the story I linked to earlier, it seems that the provincial authorities are digging in their heels while the ‘little people’ are voting with their feet.

The Quebec government is particularly secular. It may also be the most oppressive regime in Canada. The history of Catholic dominance always meant many difficult hurdles for any kind of protestant/evangelical/Bible-believing group within Quebec. The secular mood of the last 40 years or so changed none of the oppressiveness, only adding increasingly unbelieving authorities in charge.

The rest of the country is not quite as oppressive, but the general mood of politicians, especially on the left, is antagonistic to freedom. Conformity to the norm is the goal of the state, as it has ever been in history, and as it always will be. The only way that real freedom of religion can be maintained is if Bible believers maintain status as a significant minority in the population and tend to vote in a unified pattern. When that happens, the pols pay attention.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3