on ‘when confronted with reality, spin’

This just in from the National Post:

BABY PAYS IF LEAVE TOO BRIEF: STUDY: “Women who rush back to work after giving birth may do so at their baby’s peril, suggests a new Canadian study that fuels the emotional debate over career versus parenthood.

The less time a new mother stays off the job, the more likely her child’s motor and social development will be impaired, University of British Columbia researchers concluded. The analysis of federal survey data underlines the importance of government-funded maternity leaves, but does not mean mothers should avoid work outside the home, says Dr. Rebecca Sherlock, the neonatology specialist at the BC Children’s and Women’s Health Centre who spearheaded the research.

[The results] could be used from a public health or policy perspective to say ‘We need to fund women to stay at home longer with their kids,’ ‘ she said. ‘I hope that what wouldn’t be drawn from my conclusions is that all women should just drop their jobs and stay home … When I found what I found, I thought, ‘Oh, God, I hope this isn’t used by some ultra-conservative politician.’ ‘”

No of course not… and you aren’t letting conservative preachers read the paper, too, are you?

What a shocker. If mom spends more time with the kids, they develop better. Who knew?

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3