on yankee politics

Hugh Hewitt interviewed Dr. Bob Taylor of BJU regarding his endorsement of Mitt Romney yesterday. You can find a transcript of the interview here.

Some find Christian involvement in political debate unseemly, I do not [see discussion here]. One does have to be careful about when and how to be involved, however. As a pastor of a church, my mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ, not to be a political activist. As such, I don’t tend to express political views too much, although I think our people have an idea of where I stand.

Individuals like Dr. Jones and Dr. Taylor are not pastors and are in somewhat different roles. They have to make their own judgements regarding what they say and do politically. Personally, I am not at the point where I could support a Romney and I am not as averse to a Giulianni as they appear to be. It does seem to me that the GOP side of the race has no entirely satisfying candidate this time around, but there are several who have sufficient acceptability that I could support them if nominated.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3