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on that interesting Touchstone article

This article has already been cited elsewhere [see Greg Linscott and PaleoBen]. I have gotten through about half the article [something called family and Christmas keeps getting in the way of reading]. The article is interesting enough in itself. I may blog a bit on some of its highlights later, but I think it would be interesting if we reframed the questions Touchstone asked from an evangelical to a fundamentalist focus.

How would fundamentalists answer these questions?

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on the ongoing effects of ministry

I’d like to inaugurate blogging on the new site with a post about the effect of ministry. Sometimes men will labour in obscure places, doing things that seem to amount to little, yet God Himself is working through them, little though they realize it.

My wife received an e-mail from a friend who, along with her husband, laboured for many years here on the Island. My brother now pastors the church they started.

Our friend told us that they received a call last week from a man, now in his eighties, thanking them for coming to the Island and leading him to the Lord. That has to be at least 15 years ago. Our friend rejoiced in being used of the Lord to bring just one man to the Lord through years of difficult frustrating ministry.

Well, that’s not all.

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