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on the state of fundamentalism

To follow up on my own ‘challenge post’  – ‘on that interesting Touchstone article’ – I’d like to offer you some thoughts in response to the modified Touchstone questions. I hope some of the fellows I challenged will weigh in with their views. For anyone else, feel free to post your opinions.

My own perspective is one of observing fundamentalism from the fringes.

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on effective church web sites

We are in the process of developing our own church web site. I mentioned this a few days ago and a link appears in the sidebar to the right for our current offering. Our initial efforts are primarily for the purpose of providing audio sermons for our church people to use themselves and to pass on to family and friends. However, I want to do more with our web presence than that. I want to make our web site a tool for reaching our community with the gospel.

Church web sites are everywhere. And… well… I don’t like most of them. I suppose they serve their purpose as their designers intended, but I find most church web sites to be little more than giant yellow-pages ads. Really, folks, we need to do better.

By God’s grace, I hope that the little we do will be a bit better than what you typically see. As I am preparing our site for a wider audience, I ran across some info that I think every on-line fundamentalist pastor should consider.

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on daily grace

A post of praise to God for his daily grace: Yesterday, along with many others, we enjoyed Christmas with family. This year we gathered at my brother’s home in Courtenay, BC, a few hours north of us on the Island. Our family made the three hour trek up the Island in the early morning, then headed back down in the evening.

Our journey home was a little longer than expected…

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