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on the last Sunday of the old year

I am taking time on New Years Day to catch you up on last Sunday. Somehow, this week we have managed to fill almost every day with activity. Last night was our New Years Eve fellowship, check our Photo Gallery for pictures. Wednesday is our regular prayer meeting night, then Thursday we have our monthly Bible study in a town north of us. Friday my kids and I are going skiing up island. What was I thinking when I scheduled all this?

We did have some new visitors last night at the New Years Eve fellowship. I preached the gospel in our short service last night, so we pray the Word will bear fruit.

On Sunday, I preached the morning message and had my oldest son, Duncan, home for the holidays to preach the other two. If you take the time to listen to his Bible study lesson and compare it with his notes, you may see that he didn’t finish. He did run into our time schedule (not overly time conscious, but…). I went to the back of the room and drew his attention to my watch. He was pretty smooth as he wrapped it all up, I thought.

Anyway, Duncan is working on his M.Div. at Bob Jones University. He has grown in his preaching ability tremendously. I am kind of partial to him, but I think if you listen, you will see that he is well trained and tries to be a careful expositor.

Now for the summaries…

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