sunday after the funeral

On Friday we laid my dear mother-in-law to rest. Her remains lie on a hillside in rural Tennessee, next to her husband, in the midst of numerous extended family, and awaiting the resurrection. We alternate between joy for her current state and sorrow for our loss. We are self-centred creatures.

Sunday our family worshipped together at Grace Baptist Church of Dacula, pastored by our friend, Dave Wood. We heard a great message on stewardship in the AM and another message on Christian relationships from 1 Cor 6 in the PM. We also heard Andy Efting give a good lesson from Isa 13. I was struck by the need for faith – Isaiah was telling people to believe him when he said a great nation would come destroy Judah, and also that great nation would be destroyed by another great nation. In between, Isaiah described the yet future day of the Lord. In the midst of Ahaz’ day, Isaiah’s hearers must have wondered what he was talking about. It doesn’t matter what day we live in, a life right with God must be lived by faith in the Word of God – no matter how hard or strange that word may seem to us.

The music in all the services was stirring. I think we are especially sensitive to the message of spiritual songs now as we continue to mourn the loss of Debbi’s mother. Our daughter-in-law played a violin special of the Old Rugged Cross in the PM service. It is an arrangement she played for grandma’s funeral two days before. She told us she wrote the arrangement specifically for the funeral. As I read the hymn while she played, fresh tears formed.

You might pause to pray for Pastor Wood’s family this week. His mother-in-law is also about to pass on to glory, also dying from cancer. Our hearts go out to our brethren in need, but we know that another saint is about to enter glory, for which we thank God.

At home, we have a good report…

One of our deacons keeps me updated by e-mail and phone while we are away. Our pulpit supply preacher this time was coming from Vancouver, but missed the first ferry, causing him to miss the first service. Undaunted, my deacon took out a message he had been working on for some time and went ahead with the first service. Our guest speaker from Vancouver arrived in time to cover the second and third services. The report was a good day and good responses from our people.

I will get home later this week and post links to audio.

Praise the Lord for continued blessing and opportunity to serve Him.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3


  1. Don,

    I don’t know you, but I’m sure we will meet sometime soon, and I will meet your mother-in-law when she is resurrected. Perhaps today!

    I played “Asleep in Jesus” at a funeral last week. It may be of some comfort to you.


  2. It was great having your family with us this past Sunday, Don. The music was quite moving, especially considering everything going on withyour family and with our church family.