a diamond in the rough . . . carpet that is

New Years Eve at our Christmas fellowship, my wife noticed near the end of the evening that her diamond from her engagement/wedding ring was missing. Our 25th anniversary will be this year, so you can imagine her sense of loss. We searched everywhere, that night and then the next day. Nothing.

Today, after church, one of our older men noticed something in the carpet runner in our church hallway. He poked at it with his cane … and thought he saw a glint of light. There it was. Five weeks later, my wife’s diamond was found!

The fellow who found it told my wife, “I’ll sell it to you now!” What a bit of rejoicing! One of our ladies said, “it was a perfect end to a perfect day at church.”

Well, it was a blessing to us. It is just a thing, and we had given it up for lost. But we are rejoicing! Thank you, Lord!

I just thought I would share that with you. I’ll give you the update later.



  1. Very exciting to hear! Sounds like the parable of the widow’s coin; it’s just worth more than a few pennies :D It’s amazing how the Lord cares for us in even the little ways.

  2. Hi Meggy

    I somehow missed your comment, didn’t see it till today. Sorry about that!

    Yes, we were glad to find it. It was a real blessing.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3