a little quote in favour of the glacial approach to exposition…

From D. M. Lloyd-Jones:

“A friend of mine who used to attend here regularly and who has now gone to glory — a very good man — once said to me, rather jocularly but very kindly — ‘You know, I sometimes think that the Apostle Paul must be amazed when he sees what you get out of his epistles!’ Poor man! By now my friend has discovered that the Apostle Paul is amazed at how little that most people, and I with them, get out of his great epistles. He cannot be in Rome. If only he could be to preach to them day after day. You remember we are told that for eighteen months, in Ephesus, day by day he spoke in the school of Tyrannus; he spoke for hours, and went on day after day. What do you think he was talking about? According to some people’s ideas of exposition he could have spoken on all these epistles of his in one afternoon!”[1]

A man after my own heart!


[1] D. M. Lloyd-Jones, Romans: The Gospel of God, p. 227.


  1. Today I covered four words in Sunday school.

  2. Attaboy!

    I read that quote to our people in the introduction to today’s message, see the sermon summaries just posted. I am not sure if I convinced anyone, but they keep showing up each week. The Word is so rich, we can’t say enough about it.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  3. I spent my whole lesson yesterday on just one word, the first word in Isaiah 14:9 — sheol.