more on the anglicans in Canada

While encouraged by the decisions of some Anglicans’ willingness to separate themselves from direct association with their compromised Canadian diocese, still their efforts likely don’t yet take them far enough. In an article in today’s Globe & Mail, more news about other congregations considering a split is offered. But there is this:

Conservative Anglicans want to separate without cutting their ties with the majority of the Anglican Church that share their traditional views, Bishop Donald Harvey, moderator of the recently formed Anglican Network in Canada, said yesterday in an interview from Newfoundland.

The majority of the worldwide Anglican Communion is conservative, orthodox and biblically oriented, the 68-year old bishop said. “We intend to stay where we are. In order to do that, if we cannot do it within the Province of Canada, we have to do that with another province that is orthodox,” he said.

First, how do you separate without separating? Second … the majority of the Anglican Church is ‘conservative, orthodox and biblically oriented’? Wow. News to me.

Still, we hope that these moves will lead to something better, clearer and more biblically obedient for the Anglicans willing to risk their properties for their convictions.