are we in a slow earthquake?

An Associated Baptist Press article discusses the question “Will ‘evangelical center’ emerge to rival waning Christian Right?” The article notices the waning political effectiveness of the so-called Christian Right. A few quotes:

“The younger generation is definitely turned off to the culture-war mentality and all the anger,” he said. “They believe it violates the Spirit of Christ.”


and …

“A historic shift is occurring,” Richard Cizik, vice president of the National Association of Evangelicals, said in a Scripps-Howard interview. “It is equivalent to an earthquake in slow motion — people aren’t sensing it.”

and one more …

Their numbers may be dwindling, “but the commitments of many in the movement have not waned — hence, [Republican Mike] Huckabee’s dramatic Southern victories on Super Tuesday,” Leonard said. “But the movement is certainly aging, and many of its leaders are dead or less active.”

Now consider that North American society is moving to the left. Perhaps I should say “American” society. In Canada, we are already there, it seems.

Nevertheless, the evangelical church seems to be moving to the left along with society. (But … a few steps behind, perhaps?) What of the fundamentalist church? Could we take these quotations and apply them to fundamentalism? It seems to me that they certainly describe a vocal group of people claiming the fundamentalist label in the online world.

Fundamentalism doesn’t need to continue as a movement. The Lord is quite capable of preserving the True Church without the likes of us. Perhaps if we yielded to Him more, we would do better!

Yet I think it is still right for Bible-believing Christians to speak up, say no to sin and compromise, rebuke error, proclaim truth, stand for the right, and let the chips fall where they may. I suppose that is obvious from the general tenor of my blogs!

We may be in a slow earthquake, but I think we should ‘quake back’.