another little Lloyd-Jones gem

“The gospel of Jesus Christ is not popular with the natural man. He is against it. So that if you find the natural, unregenerate man praising either the preacher or his message then, I say, you had better examine that preaching and that preacher very carefully.”[1]


[1] D. M. Lloyd-Jones, Romans: The Gospel of God, p. 264.


  1. People praising preachers? That happens? And preachers who mention “the gospel” incessantly? Why is it their gospel makes them so popular, but others’ gospel makes them so unpopular? Could they be the same gospel?

  2. Well, I was thinking how much the world likes some preachers. You know, the ‘good guys’ that get interviewed on CNN.

    Some true preachers of the gospel do get on there occasionally, but usually as a target.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  3. Martin Lloyd-Jones is one of the greats regarding preaching inductively. I have always enjoyed the way he thinks and presents the Truth.

    This quote from him is certainly true. Those who love the Lord and His gospel will love the preachers who are faithful to that gospel. Those who preach “another gospel which is not another” will hate those preachers that will not accept the heresy of a false gospel.