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our new look and summaries

After months of tweaking, our new church site is up at our old location. For our sermon summaries, I’ll just send you a link to our podcasts there. To explore the whole thing, start here:

Grace Baptist Church of Victoria

Let me know if you find any errors! I am sure there are some, I am quite klutzy. I would say my keyboard is depraved, but we all know that would be a lie.

We hope to have more on the site as time goes on. You will see some sections are still a little sparse. We have plans for them, but now I can finish my next project, our evangelism website. I’ll let you know when that is live and ready to go.

Now for the 3.9.08 sermons:

To Everyone who Believes (Rm 1.16c)

Since God’s power for salvation is available to everyone who believes, it is essential that we know what it means to believe. What kind of belief constitutes saving faith? What assurance will we have as we look honestly at our own works, whether the degraded works of the flesh or fleshly pride of moralism, if we do not know the one cure to both?

The Interpretation of the Bible (supplement) (Mt 2.18, Jer 31.15)

Last week I felt I was a little unclear. I left us all confused about the difference between direct prophecies and typical prophecies. So before concluding our lesson on The Interpretation of the Bible, I offered a little supplement dealing with Matthew’s remarks on the killing of the infants in Bethlehem (Mt 2.18) and Jeremiah’s prophecy which Matthew says is fulfilled in this incident (Jer 31.15). How can we say that Jeremiah is fulfilled in Matthew when the two passages are clearly talking about two different events?

The First and Hardest Lesson on Prayer (Mt 5.44; Lk 6.28)

Putting the Lord’s teaching on prayer into chronological order reveals a startling beginning. Lesson 1: “Pray for them that despitefully use you.” What? Couldn’t we work up to that? But this is where the Lord starts his teaching as recorded in the Sermon on the Mount. This is the way of spiritual life and it is a key to godliness.


All right, that’s it for now… back to php and web-site tweaking…