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more excellent stuff on culture

By Kent Brandenburg … check it out here: Culture Decay—But Who Cares? part one.

Since this is part one, I assume there is more to follow. A key paragraph:

Like I said, we knew self dominates the world, but what’s different is that now Christians are also about self. A lot of terrain on the Christian blogosphere is dedicated to defense of selfish pursuits. They have staked out their love of booze, the movie theater, dance, rock music, dating touching, and a casual dress philosophy. These are all activities, which have historically been rejected by Christians, but not anymore.

Lest anyone misunderstand the emphasis, be sure to note this paragraph also, commenting on critiquing worldly externals:

So yes, the insides matter the most, but his outsides are also wrong. They conform to the world. His externals haven’t been transformed by the renewing of his mind. His body isn’t a living sacrifice and isn’t acceptable to God. In addition to his spiritual feebleness, he’s also not fashioning himself in a godly manner.

Good stuff, Kent, keep it coming.