an encouraging sign

We concluded our annual Northwest FBF fellowship this evening with another fine message by Chuck Phelps, president of Maranatha Baptist Bible College.

Chuck preached / taught us on five occasions through two days here. His ministry to us was a real blessing. But more than that, personal conversation with him was a great encouragement to me for the future of fundamentalism.

Chuck became the president of Maranatha just this last summer. MBBC is one of the key institutions for Baptist fundamentalism. His ministry there will make a real mark (for the good) on future generations of young men coming out of that institution. He almost makes me want to go back to school again!

This is why I think Chuck will make a positive impact:

  1. Thorough thoughtful pastoral theology and ecclesiology. You need to sit under his teaching to get a sense that Chuck is a man who has seriously thought through the church and its ministry.
  2. A pastor’s heart. Chuck heads the ministerial class at MBBC. His passion for people will be communicated to a new generation of preachers.
  3. A commitment to character. Our society devalues character and exalts indulgence. Christian institutions need to instill some steel in the spines of their students. I think Chuck’s leadership at MBBC will do just that.

There are, I am sure, several other facets to the ministry of bro. Phelps at MBBC, but these things stand out to me. I can only offer him my sincerest best wishes and prayers. I intend to support his ministry in every way I can.



  1. Don,

    I feel the same way about Dr. Phelps’ ministry at Maranatha. Having just had him for a course at BJU this January, I believe that school is going to reach new heights under his godly and capable leadership.