resurrection sunday … and more

Do you know how the date for Resurrection Sunday is calculated? It is the first Sunday after the first full moon after March 20. You can find a more detailed explanation elsewhere on the web, but that sums it up.

As many other churches, we had visitors in our services this Sunday. One was returning for a second time. It was a great blessing to minister the word of God to these folks. We hope that some of them at least will respond in faith to the gospel.

In addition to our own sermon summaries, I have an ‘extra’ offering in this post. At the recent Northwest Regional meeting of the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship, the president of Maranatha Baptist Bible College, Chuck Phelps, was the keynote speaker. He gave us permission to broadcast one of his messages, on music, on our website. The link will appear below.

Now for the sermon summaries:

Things Most Surely Believed (Lk 1.1-4)

Resurrection Sunday came early this year (the first Sunday after the first full moon after March 20 … just in case you were wondering). Of course, we devoted our service to honouring our Lord for his death, burial, and resurrection, the act by which we are saved.

Our topic on this Sunday was essentially the entire book of Luke, with special attention to the first four verses and Luke’s assertion that all that is contained in his book is carefully researched, attested by eyewitnesses, and is certain. May you have faith to believe the Word of God as it is preached!

The Interpretation of the Bible (2)

In which we continue our discussion of hermeneutics (the study of the methods by which we study the Bible). Our subject this week was a discussion of the basic principles employed in ‘normal’ or ‘literal’ hermeneutics.

Thanksgiving for Revelation to Infants (Mt 11.25-26)

Our series on prayer continues, with a somewhat surprising twist – we were expecting to be always instructed in how to pray, but instead as we consider this first recorded prayer in the life of our Lord, we discover instead insight into our Lord’s heart. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, delights in God revealing truth to those who are willing to hear – thereby escaping the wrath due those wise men who are too wise for God and too wise to hear.



Toward a Music Ministry Philosophy

Dr. Chuck Phelps presented a workshop at the NW regional FBF on establishing a biblical music philosophy

Dr. Phelps informs me that Christian music will be the topic in chapel at Maranatha this week. I commend these messages to you. Here is a link to the first message, 5 Music Lessons.

Danny Sweatt will be delivering the messages on the topic towards the end of the week. I am sure they will be well worth your time.