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ouch! rough times at Cedarville

 Secret recording suggests firings timed to avoid furor

“This situation is going to get worse. There won’t be resolution until (university officials) lay out something more specific about where they stand.”

According to the news article part of the controversy is debate over inspiration and the emerging church. The article makes it sound like things are unraveling rather quickly.

We report this with no joy, it is obviously a matter of great concern to all the Christians involved.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

3.30.08 – sermon summaries

Our latest sermons are up on our church website. For audio, follow the links over there.

To the Jew first (Rm 1.16d)

Why does Paul mention ‘to the Jew first’ in his theme verse of Romans? How does this add new information to his great central theme? If it is just a matter of history, as some commentators suggest, why is it significant here? The reason is startling at first, but a great glory in contemplation of the privileges into which all believers enter when they receive the truth of the gospel.

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an outline of classic liberalism

More from my 1980 Church History class notes:

The old modernist movement came to be known as ‘classic liberalism’ (as opposed to a lesser known ‘new liberalism’ that emerged after WWI). The following is a brief outline describing them.

1850-1914 Classic Liberalism

Result of:

  • Darwinism
  • Higher Criticism
  • Immanental subjectivism of Schleiermacher, Hegel, & Kant

[The roots in Darwinism and Higher Criticism are, I think, fairly well known. The philosophical background in immanental subjectivism is probably less known and understood. To understand modernism, I think one would do well to grasp especially the influence of the three men mentioned here.]

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