3.30.08 – sermon summaries

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To the Jew first (Rm 1.16d)

Why does Paul mention ‘to the Jew first’ in his theme verse of Romans? How does this add new information to his great central theme? If it is just a matter of history, as some commentators suggest, why is it significant here? The reason is startling at first, but a great glory in contemplation of the privileges into which all believers enter when they receive the truth of the gospel.

The Interpretation of the Bible (3)

In which we conclude our lesson on Bible interpretation, summing up some final principles with respect to literal hermeneutics, and making a few remarks on the illumination provided by the Holy Spirit.

The need for Harvest Workers (Mt 9.36-38)
a special request for prayer

The interesting thing about this request for prayer is the object of our prayers. We don’t pray for the harvest, we don’t pray for the workers, we pray for THE LORD to ACT: send out workers. And then, in the next chapter we see the Lord sending out into the harvest the very disciples who had been praying. Coincidence? I don’t think so. When it comes to evangelism, what are you praying for? What are you doing about it?


Of the three, I liked the Romans message the best. The gospel was clearly presented and I think some valuable insights into the character of the gospel were revealed. We had several unsaved folks in our congregation today. Pray for conversions!