new evangelicalism – course and consequences

I’ve been blogging my old Church History class notes [minus the doodles] for a little while now. The next two sections concern new evangelicalism:

The Course of Neo-Evangelicalism

  1. Sellout of schools: Fuller Theological Seminary and Wheaton College [as examples]
  2. Emergence of honoured leaders:
    Harold Ockenga
    Carl Henry
    Edward Carnell
    Donald Ray Barnhouse
    Vernon Grounds
    Bernard Ramm
    Alan Redpath
  3. Emergence of Propaganda Vehicles
    Christianity Today (an answer to the liberal Christian Century)
    Christian Life

As I think about this section, I must not have fully understood the lecture, or else ‘sellout’ is my term. Fuller was created for the purpose of advancing the neo-evangelical cause. It has always been committed to a course of compromise, whereas Wheaton turned away from a more militant beginning to the position it holds today.

The next section is entitled

The Consequences of Neo-Evangelicalism

  1. Wresting of Scripture to fit practice
  2. The loss of the testimony of separation producing impotence and confusion [see my quote from R. Laird Harris in my previous post]
  3. The lending of Christian prestige to infidelity
  4. The realization of change in the eyes of the liberals
  5. The establishment of strange alliances
  6. Demand for clear identification by all fundamentalists of where they stand

That last point is the fallout among fundamentalists – are you with us or agin us. Clarity was essential, and fundamentalists demanded clarity.

I have a bit more of these notes to come.