sermons at gbcvic

It seems a long time since I have posted – and the fundamentalist blogosphere is quiet also, at least the part of it that I frequent. Maybe we are losing our energy for blogging? Perish the thought! I still have lots on my mind, just no time to say it all.

In our ministry, we are taking extra time with one of our senior saints just now. The Lord appears to be taking her home very quietly. Most of her family is unsaved (though some profess salvation). We are finding this time to be a precious occasion of ministry for us and our people as we gather around the hospital bed and visit with her family. May the Lord be glorified in this!

I would like to share with you our sermons from last Sunday. You can find the audio and notes on our church site.

From Faith To Faith (Rm 1.17b)

A great misunderstanding in gospel preaching churches is to make salvation merely about ‘faith’. Don’t misunderstand, we preach salvation by faith alone. But saving faith in the powerful gospel of Jesus Christ reveals the righteousness of God in the believer from the beginning of salvation to the end … from faith to faith.

Read the notes while you listen.

Christian Fellowship (2)

We begin a brief interruption of our Basic Theology series to look at the topic of Christian fellowship as taught in the Bible. This topic is largely misunderstood today, reduced to a bare notion of social interaction (coffee, lunch, potluck dinners). Fellowship is far more than that, it is selfless joint effort and communion with fellow believers in an exclusive cause: the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Let Us Thank Him for our Food

We pray most before meals. If you are faithful in this discipline, you will offer prayers of thanksgiving at least three times a day … over 1000 times a year. Because of its frequency and its simplicity, these prayers are largely our least thought about and most likely to be vain repetition of all the prayers we utter. The NT gives examples of these prayers and assumes they are our practice. Let’s take time to increase our devotion by thoughtful thanksgiving – and even a little intercession in our prayers before meals.


May the Lord bless you in your ministry, wherever it might be.