too, too weird

Our weather that is.

Here is a shot from the web-cam on the Malahat, our mini-mountain just north of town over which the highway up-Island travels:


And here is the camera at the bottom of the Malahat, on our side, just about a mile from our house:


I mean… this is Victoria, land of ‘it never snows here’ and home of the Flower Count (which begins in February). And today is April 19.

This is a little nuts!

If you click on the pictures above, it will take you to the web-cams themselves, with updated pics. I suspect that the weather will clear up soon enough, but just thought you might like to see how we are making out in our igloos.

Hopefully everything will be clear enough by time for church tomorrow. We have four families traveling over the Malahat for church.

As a nurse I overheard on a hospital visit last night said, “Global warming?? Humpph!!!”



  1. Mary says:

    Meanwhile, on the east coast, we had a beautiful day! The high temperature was 15 C, sunny, snow gone except in shady ditches and melting piles of dirty ice in Wal-Mart parking lots. For once we greatly surpass beautiful Victoria! (Gloat, gloat) Just don’t ask us what we think next week when we get YOUR snow.

  2. Yes, we saw on the weather channel that you were getting good weather.

    But the thing that hurt the most was Toronto was having a perfect day…

    I guess the prairies were getting nailed with a spring blizzard also. But that’s semi-normal there.

    Big Bro’