4.20.08 sermons – gbcvic

One of our members was promoted to heaven this week. Our musicians played her favourite hymn for the offertory this week: Great is Thy Faithfulness. She really knows the truth of that now!

Here are the summaries of our messages from our church website. Audio and pdfs are available there.

the Just shall live by Faith (Rm 1.17c)

Some passages are known for what they mean … and some for what they mean and also for what they meant at significant points in history. Perhaps no passage is more significant in this regard than our text for today. Martin Luther was converted to Christ when he finally grasped the meaning of ‘as it is written, the just shall live by faith’. The meaning of this passage is an overarching theme of the Bible. It is interesting that Luther’s conversion experience happened after the Reformation ‘began’, that is, it wasn’t until two years after the posting of the 95 Theses that Luther found relief for his soul when he discovered that ‘the righteousness of God’ was righteousness from God, righteousness for living, the moment in which he himself was ‘born again’.

The Existence of Angels

In which we begin a survey of biblical evidence concerning the reality, power, place and presence of angels throughout the Scriptures.

Jesus Withdrew to Pray (Mt 14.23, Mk 6.46)

Our subject in this message is private prayer, an area where we all feel we fall down, I think. In this message, three principles are suggested to improve our private prayers: take much time for prayer, make specific time for prayer, and plan for your time of prayer. Thoughtfulness will increase fruitfulness in prayer.

I draw on a number of E. M. Bounds ideas in Power through Prayer for this message.