what big teeth you have

A couple of fellows from our local area found this monster from the deep blue sea washing itself up on the beach.


It’s a Pacific longnose lancetfish, usually inhabiting a depth of 1.8 km, one of God’s wonderful creations.

Read the whole story here.

Just thought that was kind of cool…



  1. “a depth of 1.8 km”

    Had to look it up…OK, that’s 1.12 miles for those who haven’t yet capitulated to the metric system :)

  2. Hi Joe,

    Yeah, I should have translated when I was speaking in tongues there. Good thing you have the gift of discerning!!

    I must be getting soft. I have been militantly opposed to the metric system, attempting to deliberately not understand it, but when you are in a metric milieu, you are inadvertantly corrupted. There is probably a sermon illustration there!

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3