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The Leading Fundamentalist Blog … is still behind the times? We are now close to 48 hours from the first notice of the Dever-Minnick interview and still nothing. Only three hits come up in Google with the terms “Dever Minnick” and all of them are old news. So are they really “number one”?

Just wondering

UPDATE: I guess there is one link. Greg Linscott posted a forum note on it. Zero discussion so far. I realize that it was Memorial Day yesterday, but it is interesting that there has been no commentary. Perhaps the leading fundamentalist blog is not what it once was… or perhaps the blogosphere itself is old news. Have the yfs moved on?


when you wish more was said…

Frank Sansone alerts us that the 9Marks interview with Mark Minnick by Mark Dever is now available. I stayed up late to listen to it because, as you know, this is my main topic.

Frank heard about it from Andy Naselli and I see that Greg Linscott is linking to it as well over at his site. I expect this to immediately be the topic du jour in the fundamentalist blogosphere.

Why would that be? Because as Minnick points out very well in the interview: “Associations matter.”

This interview matters because associations matter. I think I understand what Pastor Minnick is trying to do in having communication with Pastor Dever, but even this low-level public association matters (though it is certainly not the same thing as sitting on a platform in a cooperative effort or appearing on the platform of Capital Hill BC, for example).

This interview, I predict will be the buzz this next week because associations matter.

But, oh, how I wish a little more had been said!

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gbcvic sermons – 5.25.08

God is Against Sin (Rm 1.18)

As we begin to look into detail at Paul’s exposition of man’s problem we come to his proposition, Rm 1.18. I sum it up in our title, ‘God is Against Sin’. God is completely against sin, God is against all sin, God is against sin whether sinners accept it or not. The significance of this truth is that God is against sin, but not sinners. Since man’s condition is so desperate, only righteousness from God can solve it.

The Nature of Angels (2)

In which we conclude our discussion of the nature of angels as spiritual beings, immortal, higher than men [but lower than God], and originally holy.

Rory Johnson: Willing to follow His Will (Ac 16)

My son Rory returned home from after his sophomore year at BJU. He is training for the ministry so we often give him preaching opportunities when he is home. This summer he will be leading a teen/college age Sunday School class for us.

In preparation for his class surveying the book of Philippians, Rory prepared a message on Acts 16, the record of the founding of the Philippian church. The theme of the message is submission to the Lord’s will, as seen in Paul’s life in this chapter.


so what to make of all this?

Today’s church is a mix of all kinds of groups, some of them seemingly far removed from traditional norms. Many of the ‘contemporary’ and ’emerging’ groups look at more traditional churches and say things like “If the 50s ever come back, your church is ready.” (That would be which fruit of the Spirit?)

Yesterday, an event was held in Reston, VA called ‘the Whiteboard Sessions‘. Here is the description of the event:

The Whiteboard Sessions is about the power of an idea in its raw, most conceptual form. One simple idea could forever change your life and ministry.  We’ve invited 8 of the most inspiring leaders in ministry to share one compelling idea in just 30 minutes each. They come from different ministry circles and use a variety of methods, but they all have one thing in common: a love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a desire to see lost people reached. You will be stretched by their thinking and challenged by their insights. The very idea you resist could be the key to God’s future for you. Who knows, you might even find confirmation for the dream God’s already revealed to you. But whatever the reaction, one thing is certain: you will never be the same.

The speakers were described by some of those involved as coming from the Reformed tradition, the Contemporary Church world, or from the Emerging Church – the ‘right wing’ of the Emerging church, that is (i.e., the allegedly ‘good’ side).

Here are the speakers, most of whom I do not know:

  • John Burke, Gateway Community Church, Austin, TX
  • Darrin Patrick, the Journey, St Lous, MO (Vice President of Acts 29 Church Planting Network – Mark Driscoll’s group)
  • Vince Antonucci, Forefront Church, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Mark Batterson, National Community Church, Washington, DC
  • Tim Stevens, Granger Community Church
  • Perry Noble, NewSpring Church, Anderson, SC
  • Ed Stetzer, Director of Lifeway Research and Lifeway’s Missiologist in Residence.
  • Mark Dever, Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC

The group is very … eclectic … shall we say?

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who is your God?

To address this question today, I’d like to link to two quite widely divergent internet resources. One is a local paper from the interior of BC and the other is my online friend, Scott Aniol.

First, consider this lifestyles article from the, Keepers of the sacred. The article discusses the decline in Canadian church attendance, among other things. The article comes to no real conclusion, certainly to no conclusion satisfying to me, but it does contain a telling observation concerning the focus of affection in Canadian hearts:

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heard everything?

One of my Canadian news aggregator sites led me to this story:

European Court agrees to hear chimp’s plea for human rights

I am not sure what is more bizarre… the fact that someone is actually attempting to make a case like this or the fact that the European Court of Human Rights has agreed to take the case.

The case involves a chimp in an animal sanctuary facing bankruptcy. A young woman wants to become his legal guardian to care for him if the sanctuary is forced to shut down. In order to be a ‘guardian’, the chimp has to be a person, hence this case.

Some of this young woman’s rationale:

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gbcvic closing evangelistic service

Our last night of evangelistic services came tonight. Our only visitors were friends and fellow BWM missionary-church planters, Bill and Norma Carter. We had good attendance from our own people, including some who only attend occasionally.

The meetings closed out with another fine, Biblical evangelistic message, this time from Isaiah 53. Here’s the summary:

All We Like Sheep (Isa 53.6)

Our last message of the evangelistic meetings concerned the message of Isaiah 53.6. Evangelist Ken Lynch described the waywardness, willfulness and wickedness of man … and the wonder of our Saviour. O that men would hear him!


on things canuck-like

Yesterday I made a comment about how we Canadians identify ourselves. Typically a lot of our self-definition is in terms of how we are not like Americans. A certain distressing (to me, at least) smugness lies in the Canadian sense of superiority over Americans.

It is to be expected that smaller, less powerful neighbours will be somewhat jealous of the more powerful next door. I think this is true to America’s south as well as to the north. But for us on the north there is an added sense of competition from sharing the same language, heritage and culture, but not sharing similar positions or power in the world.

Yesterday was Victoria Day in Canada, one of our statutory holidays in honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday. The holiday is set to occur on the first Monday before May 25, even though Victoria’s birthday was May 21. This day is one of our uniquely Canadian cultural events. It is always celebrated with a grand parade in our city, complete with American high school bands from Washington state. (I love to hear them when I get a chance to go down to the parade.) This year, our civic pride was boosted by a band from one of our local high schools winning the band competition.

One of our nation’s senators wrote an article in a Toronto paper yesterday on the occasion of Victoria Day. He made an interesting comment that highlights some essential differences between Canada and America.

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gbcvic evangelistic service

We had another excellent night in our services with a fine message and blessed special music. A couple of visitors, but this time no outward signs of any spiritual work in hearts. I spoke with one of them afterward and there is an area of mutual interest where I think I may be able to do some follow-up work. Pray for the ongoing work of the Spirit.

The Rich Young Ruler (Mt 19.16-22)

Evangelist Ken Lynch brought another powerful evangelistic message in our service tonight concerning the rich young ruler. He emphasized that the rich young ruler was respected, religious, and respected Christ. He was rich, but his riches could not obtain the sense of loss he experienced in his life. To his loss, his earthly mindset was fixed on making a deal with Christ so that he could obtain eternal life. What a tragedy … eternal life was available for him, but he would not do the one thing that was needed most of all, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.


an evangelical really gets it

John Mark Reynolds, professor at Biola, writes in response to the Evangelical Manifesto on the Washington Post On Faith site I mentioned the other day. His article, Reasonable Evangelicals contains a number of very interesting statements, but this one particularly caught my eye.

An Evangelical is moderate, fundamentally opposed to fundamentalism. They believe in truth and that God has spoken to humankind, but know that understanding that truth is difficult. They are willing to walk the hard road of Socratic persuasion and of cultural engagement. Sometimes they do this badly, but modern American Evangelicals historically came into being through a rejection of any narrow intolerance that refuses to consider competing points of view.

I would describe this as the Canadian approach to self-definition.

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