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an evangelical really gets it

John Mark Reynolds, professor at Biola, writes in response to the Evangelical Manifesto on the Washington Post On Faith site I mentioned the other day. His article, Reasonable Evangelicals contains a number of very interesting statements, but this one particularly caught my eye.

An Evangelical is moderate, fundamentally opposed to fundamentalism. They believe in truth and that God has spoken to humankind, but know that understanding that truth is difficult. They are willing to walk the hard road of Socratic persuasion and of cultural engagement. Sometimes they do this badly, but modern American Evangelicals historically came into being through a rejection of any narrow intolerance that refuses to consider competing points of view.

I would describe this as the Canadian approach to self-definition.

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gbcvic evangelistic service

The Vision of Isaiah (Isa 6)

Evangelist Ken Lynch brought another powerful message for us tonight from Isaiah’s vision. Men reject what little they know of God, but if they would look at the Lord and who he is, if they would look at themselves as they really are, they would beg and plead God for pardon for their sins. Bro. Lynch gave us a closing illustration that brought out the difference between men who value pardons and men who do not.


The service was a real blessing with more special music from bro. Lynch. We had two visitors, one of whom asked for spiritual counsel after the service. We hope to be able to have further opportunities with this one to help understand the gospel.