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heard everything?

One of my Canadian news aggregator sites led me to this story:

European Court agrees to hear chimp’s plea for human rights

I am not sure what is more bizarre… the fact that someone is actually attempting to make a case like this or the fact that the European Court of Human Rights has agreed to take the case.

The case involves a chimp in an animal sanctuary facing bankruptcy. A young woman wants to become his legal guardian to care for him if the sanctuary is forced to shut down. In order to be a ‘guardian’, the chimp has to be a person, hence this case.

Some of this young woman’s rationale:

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gbcvic closing evangelistic service

Our last night of evangelistic services came tonight. Our only visitors were friends and fellow BWM missionary-church planters, Bill and Norma Carter. We had good attendance from our own people, including some who only attend occasionally.

The meetings closed out with another fine, Biblical evangelistic message, this time from Isaiah 53. Here’s the summary:

All We Like Sheep (Isa 53.6)

Our last message of the evangelistic meetings concerned the message of Isaiah 53.6. Evangelist Ken Lynch described the waywardness, willfulness and wickedness of man … and the wonder of our Saviour. O that men would hear him!