gbcvic sermons – 5.25.08

God is Against Sin (Rm 1.18)

As we begin to look into detail at Paul’s exposition of man’s problem we come to his proposition, Rm 1.18. I sum it up in our title, ‘God is Against Sin’. God is completely against sin, God is against all sin, God is against sin whether sinners accept it or not. The significance of this truth is that God is against sin, but not sinners. Since man’s condition is so desperate, only righteousness from God can solve it.

The Nature of Angels (2)

In which we conclude our discussion of the nature of angels as spiritual beings, immortal, higher than men [but lower than God], and originally holy.

Rory Johnson: Willing to follow His Will (Ac 16)

My son Rory returned home from after his sophomore year at BJU. He is training for the ministry so we often give him preaching opportunities when he is home. This summer he will be leading a teen/college age Sunday School class for us.

In preparation for his class surveying the book of Philippians, Rory prepared a message on Acts 16, the record of the founding of the Philippian church. The theme of the message is submission to the Lord’s will, as seen in Paul’s life in this chapter.