6.1.08 gbcvic sermons

Here is another round of messages from our pulpit. It is a great joy to be able to teach and preach God’s word. We had a young lady visit today for the first time, we are hopeful she will return. She actually stayed for the whole day. Several of our younger folks were able to spend a little time visiting with her which is a help, I am sure.

Here are the summaries:


The Suppression of Natural Religion (Rm 1.19-20)

As we continue in Romans, we discuss the almost pathological effort of men to suppress the truth about God plainly seen everywhere around us. In our city, we have a beautiful and world-famous garden, the Butchart Gardens. When you look at the gardens there, you see on display evidence of a master gardener. But what do you see when you look at a rose, for instance? Evidence of someone far greater than any master gardener – you see the wisdom, intelligence, power, creativity, and transcendance of God. And you are without any excuse before Him.

The Organization of Angels (1)

In which we begin a consideration of the number and rank of angels. We caution against reading too much into the references about angel hierarchy, but are pulling out a few threads of the Biblical tapestry to see what we can know from the Bible about God’s order among the angels.

The Priest’s Part (2) (Lev 7.11-36)

We continue in Leviticus for our monthly communion service. Our passage today is a continuation of the repetition of the five main sacrifices (Lev 6-7) where Moses emphasizes particular matters of concern to the priests. In this message, we make several applications to our own lives and worship, but close with a comparison of the fellowship between priest and people in the ‘peace’ or ‘fellowship’ offering and the fellowship between saint and Saviour in our communion service. What a precious blessing our fellowship with Christ is!