so if they’re ‘talks’ what does a sermon sound like

Have you noticed the mini-trend to call sermons ‘talks’? I am noticing this within a certain segment of Christianity, seemingly conservative. Isn’t the term a little disconcerting?

Does it matter?

It seems to me that it does, but then…



  1. I’ve noticed that too and I thought it was fitting for who was doing the speaking.

  2. heh, heh…

  3. Greg Linscott says:

    I have noticed it, too, but it seems to me that it is used more often when the content is more topical than exposition of a passage, or practically “this is how we do it” driven, rather than “this is what the Word of God demands of us.”

  4. I usually hear people say they are going to “share” something from the Bible instead of preach it. I am always bothered by that. They may also say “not to preach at you…but”. I don’t get it; why has preaching sometimes become pejorative?

  5. I would guess the ‘pejorative’ aspect comes from this anti-authority age. I read a long review on a book about the emerging/emergent church yesterday. I think you can find it at the Banner of Truth website, it is by Sam Storms. Aside from a little potshot at fundamentalists (legalists) the review was quite illuminating.

    The postmodern idea proposes that you can’t be very dogmatic about anything. (They are very dogmatic about this!) Thus, anything as forceful as preaching is the essence of pride.

    BTW, one of the places I noticed the term ‘talk’ was at the T4G site. I listened to a few of those messages. They weren’t talks. (And I found myself in disagreement on a number of points, but that’s another issue!)

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3