listening to sermons on my way to camp

and blogging about them out of doors, with the sounds of my family enjoying themselves and me obsessively reading the latest in the unending fundi-neo wars…

A friend of mine asked me to listen to two messages preached recently by two men of similar age and relatively similar standing in the world. So my son and I listened to them on the way to camp. Here is our take:

  • One preacher knows what worldliness is; one thinks its very complicated.
  • One is clear; one is vague.
  • One is proud of his heritage; one isn’t so sure.
  • One is determined not to allow corruption any possibility of infiltration; one thinks we need to think it over oh so carefully.

One wonders what kind of impact these differences will have on the Christian church in the next few years.


I’ve also noticed another preacher taking potshots at this space. I’ll not name the preacher, or where it was done, but it is typical of the individual involved. May God help him.



  1. Dave says:

    Where can we hear these sermons?

  2. Hi Dave

    I need to add a “cryptic” category for my posts. This one falls into that category, where I am intending to be obscure and cryptic and leave people guessing. I am not prepared to be more specific on this topic at this time. Perhaps some day.

    Sometimes the oxgoad is wielded very tentatively.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  3. Dave says:

    But you don’t have to say which is which in terms of your assessment. This subject is the issue of the day, it seems. I spoke two weeks ago at a conference and referred to it but said I wouldn’t be addressing it in the message. After the message, I had more questions about what I didn’t address than what I did!