6.29.08 gbcvic sermons

I travelled home from Alberta (a surreal statement to me!) on Saturday, leaving Calgary at 4:30 am, arriving at the ferry at 2:30 pm BC time. 11 hours and 11 sermons later! The week was spiritually enriching for me!

Here are our messages from this Sunday. The first was my sermon from Family Camp, the last was preached in our living room since we are still under renovation in our fellowship room at church.

Finding Joy in the Regular Christian Routine (1 Chr 1-9)

Our message this Sunday morning was the sermon I preached at Family Camp, somewhat expanded. The message centers on our reason for rejoicing: the certainty that God keeps his promises. That is Ezra’s point in the list of the genealogies of Chronicles. In prominent place are the David line and the Levitical line, the twin centers of God’s promises in the OT – the throne and the temple, priests and king. Though the post-Babylon nation had no throne, and a diminished temple, the promises of God remained sure. And so should our confidence to go on living a life of faith in our dispensation, trusting in the still to be fulfilled promises of our good God.

The Sin of Satan

We continue our discussion of Satan, following last week’s discussion of his creation with this week looking at his sin. Two issues were the main discussion – the fact that God is not surprised by Satan’s sin (but not the cause of it) and that Satan’s sin is centered in pride: “I will”.

The Prayer you should always Pray (Lk 18.1-8)

Our series on prayer takes us to a unique lesson concerning prayer, a second coming prayer. The prayer is one that we should always pray with confidence: the prayer for the vindication of the saints. We have the Lord’s assurance that this prayer will be answered and it will be answered suddenly. We should not faint along the way, but be persistent in this prayer, believing God to the end that he will vindicate his own for his name’s sake.


I trust that you all had a great day in the Lord on the Lord’s day as well.



  1. Brother Don, I was trying to find some of your Communion messages from Leviticus on your church website. Just to let you know that most of them are not tagged with “Leviticus”, so they don’t show up when you click on Leviticus under OT Exposition (though they do show up with the “communion” tag).

    Also, are you going to transfer your older messages (whether just the notes or both notes and audio) to your new church site? I don’t know how your blog is set up, but on some others you can add posts and date them with an older date, so they would still show up in order for your series. That would be helpful – as you probably have some newcomers that are not aware that you have part of your Leviticus and Romans series, etc. on the other site, and some oldcomers like me who are just working through your various series.

  2. Hi Jerry

    I’ll try to add that tag to the communion messages.

    I had a thought of going back and bringing in old messages, but I think the only ones I am going to do that for eventually are the ones where we have the audio up on the site. I guess I could put in a link to our older outlines as a resource.

    Thanks for the comment.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  3. I don’t usually have the time (nor the attention span) to listen to the messages you post, but I have been thoroughly blessed by the various sermon outlines, which I have been reading through this past year or so since I first found your site. I would definitely encourage you to add/keep the links up even for those messages where you don’t have an audio file to go with it. It is like reading a commentary on those various passages and themes. Well worth it.

    Thank you for all the time and effort you have taken to type them out and post them on the Net for us. God bless.