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and now, a word from a fundamentalist

My friend, Matt Recker, offers a powerful sermon entitled “The Dangerous Direction of Rick Warren

Here are a few words from the concluding paragraph:

Warren mocks Fundamentalism and has said, “There aren’t that many Fundamentalists left in America.” May I remind Rick Warren that “might does not make right?”  Although Warren may interpret God’s blessing in terms of numbers, God never does. There were not many who got into Noah’s Ark.  There were not many who accepted the prophetic statements of Isaiah or Jeremiah.  There were not many following Jesus when He went to the cross!  Nevertheless, there are still some very godly, balanced, loving, and doctrinally sound Biblical fundamentalists and churches throughout our nation, and there is still this one, and as long as God allows, I will contend for the holiness of God and the purity of the Gospel.

Not much ‘nuancing’ going on here!


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7.6.08 gbcvic sermons

Our weekly sermons can be found below:

Given over to Impurity (Rm 1.24-25)

Working our way through Romans 1, we are discerning Paul’s anatomy of sin. The first category of sin is impurity or uncleanness – a word which describes the filthiness of especially sexual sin. It was associated with pagan idolatry in ancient times, and not so far removed from paganism of modern times. It affects us all from such subtle ways as slightly ‘off-colour’ language to the exploitation of sexuality in every possible way in our culture. May God help us keep our walk clean in the midst of a world of uncleanness.

The Activities of Satan (1)

In which be begin a discussion of what Satan is up to. We covered Satan’s activities in antagonism to Christ and to God. More to come next week.

Just as the Lord Commanded (1) (Lev 8)

For communion today, we begin looking at the ordination of Aaron and his sons to the priesthood. These passages form the context for Lev 1-7, giving us a clearer understanding of the meaning of the sacrificial system by its application to living events. In this message I had intended to look at aspects of Aaron’s activities and Moses’ activities that foreshadow the work of our blessed Lord in redeeming us. Well, I found as I prepared that there was much to say just on Aaron so we left Moses for next month. We see in Aaron many aspects of our Lord’s high priestly work for us.


Attendance was up today, though still a few regulars away. The young couple who visited a few weeks ago returned for a second time, praise the Lord! Another young couple also visited for the first time. A pastor friend in Edmonton had mentioned to me that they were moving our way, so we were glad to see them today. The young lady surprised me when she reminded me of her maiden name – I knew her when she was a little girl and sold a house to her parents about 20 years ago. What a blessing to meet her again along with her husband and their young children. They are earnest young believers whom we hope will become a great asset to our church. With these couples, we suddenly seem to have a growing Sunday school, much to the delight of our teachers.