and now, a word from a fundamentalist

My friend, Matt Recker, offers a powerful sermon entitled “The Dangerous Direction of Rick Warren

Here are a few words from the concluding paragraph:

Warren mocks Fundamentalism and has said, “There aren’t that many Fundamentalists left in America.” May I remind Rick Warren that “might does not make right?”  Although Warren may interpret God’s blessing in terms of numbers, God never does. There were not many who got into Noah’s Ark.  There were not many who accepted the prophetic statements of Isaiah or Jeremiah.  There were not many following Jesus when He went to the cross!  Nevertheless, there are still some very godly, balanced, loving, and doctrinally sound Biblical fundamentalists and churches throughout our nation, and there is still this one, and as long as God allows, I will contend for the holiness of God and the purity of the Gospel.

Not much ‘nuancing’ going on here!


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  1. A word from a fundamentalist who is trying to be balance in biblical separation. I am preaching in a fundamentalist church, this Sunday (they don’t know what that really means, I am afraid) Most pastors don’t want to address that term, as I have learned from members. Pastors will tell other pastors they are Fundamentalist but do not address the issues.

    This church is looking for a pastor who will not take the church down the same road the other three have. They have lost 120 people in 18 months. I really think these issues should be address. Fundamentalism rightly done does work, biblical separation that is really biblical will work. When they don’t work, you will lost people, and God is not glorified.


  2. Hi Charles,

    A lot of people in fundamentalist churches don’t really know what they are. Faithful systematic and repetitive teaching is a key. I am not sure why fundamentalist pastors often will not teach the whole counsel… it is a pressing need.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3