a special mid-week service at gbcvic

We had a special service this Wednesday evening in our church, so I thought I would share it with you. I first met Roberto Coelho when he was thirteen and his father and I were new missionary appointees with Baptist World Mission. Now Roberto is grown up, seminary trained, and serving the Lord alongside his father. We have many mutual friends, including our not too distant missionary co-laborer, Darren Hammermeister. The Coelho’s were visiting the Hammermeister’s so we were delighted to be able to have them in our service tonight.

Below is a link to the message and a summary of the service.

Building Churches Around the World – Roberto Coelho (Ac 16)

A special service for our mid-week this week: a missionary presentation from bro. Roberto Coelho, missionary to Brazil. Roberto works with his missionary father in a church planting effort in Sao Paolo, one of the largest cities in the world.

Our message tonight includes the audio from the Coelho’s slide presentation. The message addresses the means the Lord uses in building his church.