7.20.08 gbcvic sermons

Our messages for today…

Given over to a Depraved Mind (Rm 1.28-31)

a ‘bouquet’ of spiritual weeds

The consequences of human rejection of God includes the sins of inhumanity towards men – a whole plethora of wickedness, self-will, envy, pride, wholly lacking in any good thing. The root of these sins is idolatry, as in the sins of sensuality previously covered. The man who will not approve of God is given over to a disapproved mind – he cannot think straight and will not live straight. Any mind that approves these sins, to that extent at least, also disapproves of God.

Satan’s World

In which we take our final look at the doctrine of Satan, the adversary of man. In this lesson, we consider the teaching of Bible meaning of the term ‘world’, the authority of Satan in that world, God’s plan for the world, and the Christian’s place in the world.

Suffer the Little Children (Mt 19.13-15)

Our passage is not one we usually think of in connection with prayer, but it is said here that the parents of these children brought the little ones to the Lord for his blessing and prayers. Our Lord in this story teaches us something about salvation and something about his compassion for children. He does not teach us something about infant baptism, as some erroneously teach. Our Lord’s interest in children behooves his disciples to likewise be interested in the children of the local church, ministering to them to aid in their conversion and discipleship.


A good day in church today, a few folks away, but the third visit from a new family with two young children. They seem to be getting used to us, we hope that they will commit to involving themselves in our ministry. It was a blessing to be able to minister to them again this week.