is it just me…

Or is this an example of the old New Evangelical strategy of infiltration? Is the strategy being suggested in this series of posts ethical? Should godly laymen join churches that aren’t quite right (because no good one exists locally) and be a ‘stealth’ member for reform?


P. S. Silly me! I forgot! New Evangelicals don’t exist any more.


  1. Greg Linscott says:

    Mebbe… but how often does this kind of thing happen in a Fundamentalist congregation on various issues- Homeschooling… Diet… Entertainment Choices… Breast feeding (really!)…

  2. Oh, I agree… We’ve had our share of Amway, Gothard, etc. All of that is just as divisive and needs to be put down, one way or another.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

    P.S. And it’s not so much about the divisiveness, but the specific strategy. One of the New Evangelical strategies, as I recall, was ‘infiltration’ rather than ‘confrontation’ or ‘separation’. In this particular scenario, a strong godly layman in a town without a good option for church attendance, why doesn’t he just start holding his own Bible Study in his own rented space on Sunday mornings (or in his basement)? Why not advertise it and gather together a flock? And then call a pastor?