a little catching up

A busy week – our summer has been full of events, work, blessings, and challenges.

Some of the challenges came in the last two weeks.

  • An e-mail notice from a church member saying, essentially, ‘Don’t call us, we’ll call you.’ Sigh. Of course, we’ll try to call.
  • A discovery of a failed septic system at our house. Ouch. $11K later… my son calls our yard “Johnson Ground Zero”
  • A rock heaved through my truck’s back window, damaging front windshield and dashboard as well. At least I have insurance! So now I have a slider vent window in the back for ‘only’ $200 – the deductible.

But blessings too!

  • My sweet daughter returns from her summer in Mexico with the BJU mission team. Many stories. Much enthusiasm for Christian service. And of course, just having her home! What a blessing.
  • A young couple visited again last Sunday. Third time in the last six weeks. Encouraging. Hopeful. The future of the local church is built through the commitment of couples like this.
  • Regular meetings with one of our young men. A help to his spiritual life, I think. He will be filling one of our preaching slots Sunday, along with my son. I’ll be away preaching for a friend.
  • And speaking of septics… We have a 65 suite condo going up next to the church building. They have been driving HUMONGOUS trucks all over our septic field. We finally had enough of that and will get hooked up to the city sewer … for free! Yay! Now we can expand our parking lot over the old field.

And something I found a little funny today, in the politics way:

I am thinking next month will slow down, but that might be wishful thinking. I still have a lawn to put in (and a window sitting in my basement to install) and the ongoing work of the ministry. There’s never a dull moment around here.